Thursday, August 9, 2007

Baseball, beer, and knitting!

What can I say? I had a spectacular birthday this year in St. Louis. It all began with an afternoon of Stitch N' Pitch. The Cardinals played the San Diego Padres and WON 10-5 (what the Cardinals will do for a birthday)! Because there was SO much going on, I decided to take something mindless to knit: my Jaywalker.

St. Louis is a great city to visit. There is are many things to enjoy (baseball, live music, museums, etc) that will not break your bank account. The main reason I adore visiting St. Louis is the friendly people. I walked into the stadium Monday afternoon not knowing a soul (my friend Greg did not arrive until the 5th inning) As I sat down, I was mingling about with everyone around me! After the 6th inning, I noticed a lady working on a lace project. Lo and behold, Anna was working on Mystery Stole 3! Now, that's talent!

I was pooped by the end of the game. So, I called it a night (of course, after having dinner and drinks at a Bosnian restaurant on Taft).

The next morning, I made the pilgrimage to Sheri's Loopy Ewe. I could barely contain my excitement once I set foot in her basement...Needless to say, after about an hour (or so) of touching everything several times, I was able to pick a few items. No, I do not feel guilty in the least. I thoroughly enjoyed the stash enhancing event!
Thanks Sheri!

After suppressing my poor buddy, Greg to my yarn shopping experience, I figured the least I could do was pay homage to another one of my favorites: Shlafly Bottleworks! I fancy two beers in this world and only one of which is the US. We had lunch and spent the afternoon enjoying the lovely aroma of hops.

I am back home, anxiously trying to complete clue 5 of the Mystery Stole 3. Last week the theme was announced: Swan Lake! It will have a wing on the other enf of it. Once I complete clue 5, I will be sure to post its photo!