Thursday, January 17, 2008

Up and running

I finally got my passport renewed. Hooray!! The traveling itch can once again be scratched... Now, I won't go into drama that transpired in the passport office. However, rest assured, I have BOTH my new passport (with my name spelled correctly, ahem) and my expired passport (with my VALID visas intact, another ahem).

It looks like the itinerary in the next couple of weeks is calling for a trip to South America. A bit of sun and relaxation in Colombia and some yarn fondling in Peru. I can hardly wait!!

So, I have been starting and ripping out and starting and ripping out a new sock in Yarn Pirate's Killer Bees (another Booty club exclusive) to get the sock to stripe and not pool so much. Wow, what a headache.
This is what I have come up with for now:

Now, I am not completely ecstatic with the striping but I don't exactly hate it either. I have not decided or not if I like the somewhat diagonal stripe. I'm using 2.5s. I have increased and decreased the number of stitches cast on. As I have tried different sized needles. Anyway, I'll keep on trucking with what I have for now until I hit the heel.

Oh, the lovely purple bag dressing up my new WIP is made by JapaneseHandmadeEtc. I simply adore smaller bags for the portable projects. One day I will learn to sew...

And for today's sock stash enhancement segment:

Crystal Palace Yarns in Merino 5 acquired from Loopy Ewe.

Perchance to Knit in Irises also acquired from Loopy Ewe. This little pretty came with an adorable stitch marker matching the Irises colorway. How smart!

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