Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wollmeise carnage

Wollmeise sock yarn carnage


The culprit (a.k.a. my squirrel chasing, lizard and yarn hunting, Cuqui)

My mini dilemma:

Should I

a) spend countless hair pulling hours putting the cake back together or

b) chuck it and allow the poor Wollmeise cake rest in piece



twistedtexa (kristen) said...

I love those colors so much! I would find it impossible to chuck it out.

will_travel_for_yarn said...

You understand my predicament :( I LOVE these colours as well. This lovely tangly mess was destined to be a pair of socks.

Anonymous said...

my Grandma can untangle anything... she got through a biiiiiig knot of bmfa that had taken me a year to work on in just a few hours... she has asked me to bring her more knots.

will_travel_for_yarn said...

Hi Amy! Miss Knotty graciously offered to bring my Wollmeise sock yarn to life. The carnage should be in Dallas by now :)))


Miss Knotty said...

The carnage has been redeemed. It'll be in the mail to you this afternoon. :)

Elysbeth said...

Glad to hear the yarn will live.

Debbie purlypig said...

I would persist. Cute doggie, lovely yarn. Just found your blog. lovely photos.